I'm really sorry that I haven't updating the strips lately. Having some dental problems, and it hurts like funking heck.

To make up for it, I made an album and letting you guys have it for free!

DOWNLOAD: megawolf77 : LET'S BE H☆PPY!!

(It's in RAR archive. You'll need a WINRAR or 7Zip to extract the album.)

The album songlist:

(0:45 | Dance Pop)
This is the first music in the album. It serves as an introduction with its upbeaty dance beats and melody. The crowd were bustling around in the city park minding their own business, and this small vixen, named C☆NDY with her headphones around her neck, decided to share the fun with everybody. So she brings out her robot Rainbow☆Sky with stereo speakers and some mix of Dance CD's and puts the volume to max, playing it loud and proud throughout the city. The people cheered to the music and cleared their busy minds away! It's the start of the new sugary audio adventure...

(5:23 | Bubblegum Gabber)
This is the 2nd track in the album. HAPPYHAPPY GABBA is a party music. I wanted this music to be danceable with its distorted kick bass and sweet anthem melody. The problem with the original version of this is that the kicks were too strong that it overpowers the rest of the song, so I made it softer and now it should be more enjoyable.

03. RainbowSky Power-UP HEROINE
(7:08 | Happy Hardcore)
This is the 3rd track in the album. I made RainbowSky Power-UP HEROINE as Rainbow☆Sky's theme music. Happy Hardcore fits her because of its speedy beats and cheery style sounds. Watch out for the transition in 3:10, which is the harsh part of the song consisting of hoover-like synths and distorted kick bass.

(4:17 | Happy Hardcore)
This is the 4th track in the album. SACCHARINE and BITTERNESS is one of my old Happy Hardcore works, now with different use of synths and kicks. I enjoyed making the breakbeats in this track. If I could remember it correctly, the most hardest part I composed in there is the piano, because I was a beatfreak back then and I lack the knowledge of making chords. It was one of my earliest works to have a melody. I'm still proud with this music, even today.

05. Spread your wingS
(5:10 | Trancecore)
This is the 5th track in the album. The original Spread your wingS was in emulated 8-Bit form. The reason why it's in Trancecore style is because this was originally a remix of the former. I revived it and decided to use this remix in the album instead. I didn't use its remix name because I want this remake to be exclusive for this album.

06. 2 B With U 4Ever
(4:56 | Melodic Breakcore)
This is the 6th track in the album. It was tough for me to create a remake of 2 B With U 4Ever. The original version was in Electronic Rock style, but I want to give it more "Hardcore" to fit the album's theme. So, I remade it into Melodic Breakcore style; Fast beats, melodic piano, synth guitars, and more! This is the only exclusive revision song for LET'S BE H☆PPY!! album.

07. 8BIT1983
(3:29 | Happy Hardcore)
This is the 7th track in the album. Another Happy Hardcore song. 8BIT1983's title comes from my love of 2 things: 8-Bit styled music and Famicom, which it was released back in 1983. It's not really in 8-Bit (except for the intro and some parts in the song), just made the synths to sound like one. The original length of this music was supposed to be 4:05, but since the original raw file of this track is somehow 'corrupted' I can't seem to open it. The back-up of this file was the prototype of the song itself, so it was kinda like back from square one from there. Now it's only just 3:29... still enjoyable, nontheless.

08. ~Let's take a break!~
(1:29 | Dance Pop)
The 8th track in the album. This serves as a transition from hardcore to softer electronic musics. Next to this track is gonna be more on House and Dance tracks. I pictured this song with C☆NDY drinking her Choco Frappé while her friend robot Rainbow☆Sky lying on the grass facing the sky, relaxing themselves in the park.

09. Cirrocumulus
(8:12 | Piano House)
This is the 9th track in the album, and it's the longest track. This song was very challenging for me to compose because I'm not that very talented to create a wonderful melody with just a piano throughout the music. As for the title, I like clouds. They're so fluffy and high up in heavens. The cloud formation of the titular song explains the overall feeling of the composition.

10. An Emotion of Sound
(7:34 | Trance House)
This is the 10th track in the album. The way how I composed An Emotion of Sound is very simple, but had this moody, yet happy feeling throughout the music. The way how I envisioned this song is like having a set of wings, gliding peacefully along the long and winding road freely like a bird, with no problems, no troubles, nothing at all. Just yourself... wanting to be free... flying forever.

11. Feels like LOVE!
(6:11 | Dance Pop)
This is the 11th track in the album. Feels like LOVE! is one of my personal favorites because of its cute, catchy melody and pop-like dance beat. This is how it feels like to have LOVE in me. Hope it does the same way with you, too!

(4:38 | Dance ElecRock)
This is the 12th track in the album. This version of HORIZON was remade into a Dance version instead of Electronic Rock. The feel of this song is like being in the heavenly horizon itself. Watching the sun rises with its warmth and beautiful rays for you.

(5:53 | Noise Trancecore)
This is the 13th track in the album. SUNBURST is the last full length track, so it has to be hardcore before the outro plays. This music, to be honest, is kinda serious to me. A little saccharine, but still. I can tell it personally from how I built the anthem at the 2:57 part. This track is also the fastest in the album, which is over 216 BPM. Another reason why I chose this track to be included in this album is because of how it ends... fits well for the next and final track.

14. ~So Long! (We'll be back!)~
(0:42 | 8-Bit)
This is the last track in the album. As the title says, "So Long!". I made it as an 8-bit track because I'm a retro person. It's farewell for C☆NDY and Rainbow☆Sky. They had a wonderful time with the people, but it's time for them to go home. But don't worry, they'll be back with more tracks for their NEXT ADVENTURE!


Enjoy! And tell me which one is your favorite in there!
Happy listening! BE H☆PPY!!