Neutrino-X : "...'Binging Idiot'? 'Brutal Idioms?' Hrmph, I haven't figured out what the B.I. words are yet. >:C Have you, Mega?"

megawolf77 : "Nope, I have no idea about the B.I. words, too. D: Ah well, she's in big trouble for some reason. I wonder what they'll do to her?"

Neutrino-X : "Oh, I'm sure they'll have a friendly intercourse. I mean, our cold-blooded pal is certainly the most interested in expressing his concerns about the whole situation with her. πŸ˜€"

megawolf77 : "Right. I just hope the situation isn't 'constricting' everybody. Lawl. That'll be a horrible scene. πŸ˜€"

Neutrino-X : "And certainly not adequate for this kind of webcomic. >:C"