Neutrino-X : "'Buddy Indoors', 'Beautiful Idiot', 'Beholding Irons'... still trying to figure out any other B.I. words. o3o"

megawolf77 : "'Butt Implants,' definitely Butt Implants! ...or 'Big Indigestion." I still don't know. o0o"

Neutrino-X : "It's good to hear you have your priorities in order, Mega. πŸ˜€"

megawolf77 : "Well, not as worse as what you whispered in your sleep. 'Breast Illuminator.' πŸ˜€"

Neutrino-X : "D8< That's not true! Are you Batshit Insane!?"

megawolf77 : "No, I'm not. More of Batguano Imbecile!"