Neutrino-X : "Given the "snake dude"'s face, I would think he just wanted to save the bus, with his passengers as a bonus, and not the other way around. 😀"

megawolf77 : "You're probably right. I think you can guess what game they're gonna play today. That's right! The Blame Game! 😀"

Neutrino-X : "Everyone's invited! 😀 For example, I blame you for the fact my chicken spoiled, Mega. 3:<"

megawolf77 : "😀 ...... D: Your chicken spoils? I don't think the Avians will be happy to hear about what you're gonna do to that Chicken while s/he's still.... fresh. 😀 ..."


Neutrino-X : "...uh, erm... "spoiled" as in "spoiled brat", of course. 😀 Anyway, I also blame you for Joan's rather... short jacket."

megawolf77 : "GASP! Okay! It's my fault that I sp--...I mean, yes, Joan's Short Jacket's my work. 😀 doubt about it. I take all the blame."