megawolf77 : "He's probably reading too much Sparrow Arrow comics... but we all know that the flying bus is real." ;3

*Neutrino-X returns*

megawolf77 : "Hey, man! Where have you been? I've been looking for you! I missed our little conversations discussing the strip, man!"

Neutrino-X : "Oh, I'm sorry! I've been a bit busy as of lately. Deals with dark entities, destroying revenge ploys, winning the hearts and minds of millions... that sorta stuff. But it's all good now."

megawolf77 : "...except for leaving me alone." 😀

Neutrino-X : "Awww.. But I always have you. Right here, in my heart." 😀 ...

megawolf77 : "That's nice. Cheesy, but nice. Atleast it's good to have you back." 😀 ...

Neutrino-X : "Thank you. So, what do we have for today? I'm itching to get back into action!" 😀

megawolf77 : "Well, as you can see, if you still remember that strip about a bird saw a flying bus way back, it was Flip all along! And now he tells Flora about it, which she didn't believe it."

Neutrino-X : "Of course I do remember! I mean, I just don't think there's anything wrong with seeing stuff like huge rocket mechanical dragons. When you have stanky old psychic fox eyes..."

megawolf77 : "Ah well. Too bad Flora mocks Flip about his favorite comic book character." :C