megawolf77 : "I guess Emily will have to tell her story some other time."

Neutrino-X : "Why is she giggling? Are they about to do what two grown women would do intimately, in a situation like that!?"

megawolf77 :  "Oh, don't think too much, Newt! They would never do such a thing, especially in an isolated, unsupervised, totally unrestricted place like that!"

Neutrino-X : " mean gossiping? Hmm, I think you're right. It would just not be right." 3:

megawolf77 : "...wait, you mean that's not what I'm thinking what you're thinking?"

Neutrino-X :  "I don't know if you're thinking what I'm thinking! But I don't think you're thinking what I'm thinking."

megawolf77 :  ".......nevermind, then." 😀 ...

Neutrino-X : 😀 ...



(Emily "Pawacres" belongs to Yellow07 from FurAffinity.)