Neutrino-X : "Accidents happen indeed. :C One moment we're here, and the very next, BANG!! Blown to a fine, red mist. Which is something that definitively won't happen here. But, it makes you ponder."

megawolf77 : "Made me ponder why you used 'fine, red mist'. It's kinda ...disturbing. o0o"

Neutrino-X : "Hey! Accidents happen, after all. 😀 Specially with explosive stuff. But again, this is not the case here."

megawolf77 : "Yeah. 😀 You're right. Atleast now we know that they're just pretending to go all Silent Treatment to our hero. Well, except one who's not pretending. :C"

Neutrino-X : "Stewart has a point. And Joan has lots of sharp points, too. It's for the best. :C"