megawolf77 : "Looks like Emily doesn't need to ask about stuff with Stewart anymore." 😀

Neutrino-X : "It's almost as if he could read her mind! 😀 I just wonder what kind of dark secrets he must have figured out by now."

megawolf77 : "Maybe some, but he's just an ordinary albino snake. Besides, if he could read minds he could've predicted this accident coming and stop Lucelia from saying those words, right?"

Neutrino-X : "Maybe. Or perhaps he wanted it to happen to begin with!? o0o"

megawolf77 : "D: ...Don't create such stories!"

Neutrino-X : "Sorry, was just trying to set some suspense. 😀 Now they're actually suspended."

megawolf77 : "😀 ...that pun hurts right up my asset."