megawolf77 : "Ah, yes. The mysterious B.I. words finally revealed. But I wonder why Dazzle warned her not to say it out loud to Dizzy?"

Neutrino-X : "Lucelia finally lost it. D: Funny how you can replace those 3 words with any of your liking, and still it would be just as intense. Like what some Spartan dude told to a Persian messenger just right before kicking him to a bottomless pit, or what I told to my friend Mega, late at night last Thursday. 😀"

megawolf77 : "You just told me to suck your something! o0o"

Neutrino-X : "No Mega... I told you to FROST... YOUR... CAKE!!!"

megawolf77 : "Ahhhhh. I guess I must've misinterpret what you've said back there, then. 😀 ..."